Video Wall Display Solutions

Video wall Display Solutions with a nearly seamless & uninterrupted display panel which provides outstanding tiled visual performance. Our innovative virtually seamless bezel Direct LED video walls provide an incredible visual experience for anyone who comes across the display. Create custom-built video wall displays with our stylish and elegant LCD Monitors to drive performance and utility in offices, public spaces, Command & Control Centres and Network Operations Centres using leading edge video wall technology. Our video wall display solution comes with the ease of mounting and remote control operation for all controls and menu adjustments.

Videowall Display Solutions
Slim Bezel: A new slim bezel and thinner profile create a stylish slender design, while a brushed metal finish gives the entire bezel the look and feel of luxury.
Scalable: Create video walls display solutions with 2 or 25 LCD displays. Displays are large screens that can be integrated seamlessly and can be network monitored remotely.

Reliability and Durability
Built solid and certified for 24/7 use,  LCD Monitor displays can be used in demanding environments. And, because these monitors utilize an advanced fan-less architecture that does not require mechanical air ventilation fans; they operate silently with maximum reliability and minimal dust intake.

High Image Quality
With full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution from analogue RGB, digital RGB and HD video sources, these monitors ensure that none of the detail or visual impact is lost. Fine text and intricate graphics are stunningly crisp and clear. And, with their high brightness and wide viewing angles, our cutting edge Monitors displays can be seen from almost any point in the room – even in brightly lit environments seen from almost any point in the room – even in brightly lit environments.

•    Higher quality and higher functionality video wall solutions compared to other video solutions such as projector based solutions – ability to see in bright light, better image quality.
•    Create dramatic effects for large audiences.
•    24/7 usage in Landscape and Portrait mode.
•    Can be controlled from remote locations.
•    Noise less and fan free architecture.

Applications of Video Walls

Broadcast :

  1. Viewers expect a seamless flow of programming from cable and broadcast television networks. Dead air is displeasing to the viewer and it’s the ultimate – expensive – sin for the broadcaster.
  2. Networks use video walls in broadcast control rooms to produce programming, monitor and control television broadcasts, and combine numerous feeds – live, real-time content, file footage, images and explanatory graphics. Constant monitoring of all this information and activity requires video wall solutions that are highly reliable and flexible.

Data Monitoring

You’re looking at a lot of data as you oversee the high-volume activity of your network assets. Your NOC’s display wall system must have resolution clarity, operational flexibility and reliable performance.


Display systems in military operations centers bring multiple sources of information together in a controllable and usable visual format that’s seen by multiple operators.

Intelligent Traffic Systems :

For operators in traffic management and operations centers, clear, timely information is critical to keeping the roads safe and clear and commuters and businesses moving.

Public displays:

Large display slots at Malls , retails outlets, demo centers, receptons have been replaced by video walls in place of sign boards, hoardings etc.

Electronic & Interactive Boards & Devices

Meeting/ conference/ Board rooms are equipped with electronic boards that are with inbuild printer, USB snd SD Memory slot.

These boards can be used for projection & Annotations on projected screen  can be saved through software applications Interactive Boards enable smooth interactivity between the board & connected PC, the PC Can be operated from the board, the Various annotation & presentation tools  makes your presentation effective  , against primitive use of white board or flip charts. You can save & Share this data as refence or mail it as minutes of the meeting.

Digital Class Room Solution

Various AV & IT product are integrated for a full fledged well equipped digital class room solution. The components are customized depending upon the solution required

Various Components involved are:

  1. Display Device – projector / lcd – led display
  2. Processing and storage device   PC/Laptop
  3. Capturing and Streaming device
  4. Evalution devices
  5. Audio systems & amplification
  6. Control system
  7. Data sharing
  8. Interactive Device/ Interactive Board
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