Flat Panel Displays

LED Displays are developed with design, eco-friendliness and colour brilliance in mind. Whether they’re used to disseminate information, offer directional advice, showcase your company’s work or simply set a mood, commercial displays allow you to communicate with your customers, clients and colleagues highly visual and engaging ways. While slim and light frames offer space saving, easy installation and maintenance, the LED backlighting offers stunning visuals for your large screen as well as technology that reduces energy consumption for your company while excluding the use of harmful materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

make a lasting impression with digital signage solutions from LG. Whether you’re using your own content, airing a video, showing live TV, displaying a menu or directions, with our innovative signage, you can make a statement without saying a word. Deep, vibrant colours : our signage allows you to send images, videos and written messages in a colourful and easy to see format. Designed to display rich hues of every shade, digital signage is seen at great distances easily. Our signage boards are available in a wide range of sizes including the options that can be seen in arenas, transportation hubs , hotel lobbies and more .


  • Produce images with greater dynamic contrast
  • Can be extremely slim
  • Produce less environmental pollution on disposal
  • Are less expensive
  • Have longer lifespan
  • Have (typically) 20- to 30-percent lower power consumption
  • Run significantly cooler
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