Interactive Touch Panels

Touch Panels

If size and interactivity have anything to do with making a memorable presentation – in the boardroom or the classroom our 80-inch, 70-inch and 60-inch Interactive Touch Screen, appear to be just what the presenter ordered. With a Interactive Display as the focal point, strategy meetings, sales presentations, training sessions and lectures can now be conducted with far more versatility and impact than ever before. Use the LCD screen as a whiteboard or control your computer directly from the LCD screen with your finger or a stylus with  Touch-Panel Solution. Through the touch enabled LCD display panel the communication can be made proactive as attendees can directly add comments on the meeting material and presentation data enhancing communication and raising attendees’ motivation.

Touch Panel Solutions

  • Avoid Errors: To minimize the perception of misalignment between on-screen images and the tip of the touch pen,  the space between the touch screen and its LCD panel, ensuring accurate-to-the-spot writing and stress-free operation. Also, some of our models contain proprietary infrared detection system to heighten touch-screen interactivity through multiple infrared sensors that can locate the position of the touch pen with impressive accuracy.
  • Tailor your content and have a visual and interacting conference: Team work becomes collaborative by using touch screen displays and produces valuable ideas, as a result of enhanced attention and understanding.
  • Bring people and ideas together: Decision making becomes efficient and faster when valuable ideas are put together when on one platform. All participants, no matter where they are, can interact by writing on shared screen images in real time.
  • Now concentrate on the presentation & not note-taking: No need to take notes during the meeting just take a print or mail it to the participants.



  • Write, edit, annotate & highlight your text.
  • Make changes/annotations in you MS Excel/Word file on screen and save the file with the changes/annotations
  • Save, print and email directly with a touch
  • Bring people together to collaborate on same documents
  • Access the Internet from the LCD screen
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